Global Data Breach Laws: Compliance Requirements and Mitigating Risks

Data Privacy
Global Data Breach Laws: Compliance Requirements and Mitigating Risks

The Internet has become a global trade route. The Internet has made it not only possible but easy for businesses to deliver products and services to consumers all over the world. One of the key drivers in the digital economy is the flow and transfer of data. Because the Internet’s early architecture was built on a foundation of trust, not security, it has been easier to attack others online than to defend against those attacks.

In today’s increasingly borderless information age, privacy and data protection are a cardinal concern of many individuals and organizations. The ubiquitous rise of cloud computing has convoluted many regulations around data storage and transfer, globalizing what was once a very local process.

The transnational flow of data is a form of international trade and is of critical importance for the United States and partner economies. According to a 2016 Congressional Research Service study, cross-border data flows between the United States and Europe are the highest in the world – almost twice as much data as moves between the United States and Latin America, and 50% higher than data flows between the United States and Asia.

Due to the fact that data flows are now global, so are data privacy and security issues. A 2015 Ponemon Institute/IBM study found the average consolidated total cost of a data breach is $3.8 million representing a 23% increase since 2013.

The international data privacy landscape has changed. Safe Harbor, an agreement between the United States Department of Commerce and the European Union that regulated the way that U.S. companies could export and handle the personal data of European citizens, is being replaced and data breaches continue to shock businesses and governments worldwide. Is your organization aware of or ready for these changes?

Each year, InteliSecure’s research team collects updates to data breach laws from countries around the world. Join us for the 1st part in our 3-part Global Data Breach Laws Update on Wednesday 4/13 at 1pm EDT – Part 1: the Americas. During the 2016 annual update we will discuss what has changed in the past year and what we foresee for the near future.

This webinar will focus specifically on the Americas and will discuss the following:

  • Key data breach laws and regulations in the Americas
  • Changes to data breach laws in the last year and forecasts for 2016
  • How Safe Harbor changes will affect your organization
  • Key considerations before doing business in the Americas, with a focus on emerging markets in South America

2016 Global Data Breach Series Dates

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